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Title: Click on it to download the manual! Search for: SVG 2.0 A2 Introducing Silvercrest USB Video Grabber SVG 2.0 A2: New features include Zooming the video images, Zooming the video images, Manipulation of the video images, Zooming the video images, the ability to change the frame rate of the video, 1. Do not offer to install the device without the description of its functions and the appropriate instructions for its use. 2. Other methods of installation are considered piracy. 3. Due to copyright laws, the description of such content and instructions on their use are subject to change without notice. 4. No application may require the storage of information on USB memory devices. Any such information will be deleted from the device without warning. 5. Help us protect copyrighted material. If you are aware of any violations of copyright law, please notify us by sending an e-mail with the details of the illegal content and we will promptly remove it. 6. Do not carry out any actions that affect the operation of the device. This can lead to damaging the device. 7. In the interests of copyright, we may require the removal of any media that was obtained through illegal activity. 8. The use of this product in a country or territory that prohibits the sale of such goods may result in the immediate removal of the device from its place of sale. 9. Any violation of the rules of use of the product may result in the loss or destruction of the device. 10. By pressing the “Download” button below, you expressly agree to the terms of this Agreement. Please install the driver to the USB memory device without leaving traces. It is not recommended to open the "Settings" screen. This screen may display various recommendations for the use of the device. Installation instructions: Download and install the driver to the USB memory device. Do not install the device on a hard drive. Start the USB Video Grabber software. Choose the video tape to be installed. Click on the "Record" button to start the recording of the video. Play the tape to start the installation of the video. The image is displayed. Slide the "Play" button, and the video is displayed in the Silvercrest USB Video Grabber.






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