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The effects of water additives on the freezing of hydrophobic and hydrophilic protein fractions in single and mixed emulsions. The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of various solubility and physicochemical parameters of emulsifier molecules, and emulsifiers themselves on the thermal stability and textural properties of microstructures in single and mixed aqueous-oil emulsions. The emulsions were formed by the ice-crystal nucleation technique using a model protein (horseradish peroxidase, HRP) and one of four emulsifiers (palmityl maltoside, PM, sucrose monostearate, SM, Span 60, Span 80, and sorbitan monostearate, SM-1). The emulsion droplet size, protein activity, turbidity, and turbidity decreases were recorded over time as a function of emulsifier type. In addition, the emulsions were frozen using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). The results showed that the freeze-thaw-induced turbidity decrease was correlated to the protein activity of the emulsions. This study showed that PM, the most hydrophobic emulsifier, increased the amount of protein activity in the frozen emulsions; SM and SM-1 emulsifiers resulted in the least decrease in protein activity during freeze-thawing. PM showed an improved capacity to freeze-dry the emulsions. Based on the emulsion stability data, the protein activity and the emulsion formation techniques, SM-1 was shown to be the most suitable emulsifier for freezing mixed emulsions. The results suggest that emulsifiers, not only their physicochemical properties, but also the oil/water partitioning properties of proteins and their hydrophobic-hydrophilic character, will affect their ability to form structurally distinct microstructures in frozen emulsions.Deux fois victime de deux pots cassés, le gouvernement Couillard se demande comment créer un « deuxième secteur du verre », en dénonçant l'injustice sociale et la discrimination qui frappent cette « société invisible ». M. Péladeau précise que la « pollution » au mercure qui « mine » le nord de Montréal est cause de longues maladies, mais il laisse entendre que




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Xf-a2012 64bit garmard

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