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Fratmen . In the Hell, three times a day, every day, the solid satisfaction of a woman always at her back, I find it increasingly difficult to find a woman who can be, even just a little, more than the sum of her body parts. ‘Fresh’ women, who dress well, are as rare as women who are ambitious, or even just a little more than their body parts.” Tips for beginners Here, we provide a collection of some of the best and most useful advice to get you started with the game. Picking a girl Do not start looking at a girl, play with the fish, and this is done by entering a room with a large number of fish and is only one girl. The show starts, and if you do not want to lose your money, see how to get lucky and how to follow the way to get laid. Avoid showing your face at first, because you are more likely to lose the girl to someone else. Watch the girl and make sure to have a look at her legs, thighs, and if she pulls up her skirt. Make eye contact with a girl and you can see the lips, and if you want to know how to get laid with a girl, you should study those lips closely, her mouth is a window to her soul. Note: If you see that a girl’s eyes are wet, pay attention. It is a sign that she likes you. Take a look at the eyes of a girl and see if her pupils are dilated, If her pupils are dilated, this is a sign that she likes you. Smile and you can see her eyes and whether or not she likes you, if the eyes look at you. Do not lie to the girl, she is not stupid, and if she sees that you lie, she will never come back to you, in this regard, it is best to be honest. Talk to her As soon as the girl comes into your room, you have to introduce yourself. Do not just go, greet, and then pull up your pants to get your work done. Always say, “Hi, my name is Mario, good to meet you.” You can say, “Nice to meet you, I love this place and have never been here before.”



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